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We Found 1 Images below With "Stripper" In This Studio

Exotic Dancer Queen Bee Cat Fight - Super High-Rez (2000 X 3008)

In a strip club, there can only be one Queen Bee. Blonde, big boobed, Rianna, was the reigning "queen bee" who was the club owner's girl and all the other dancers answered to her. But equally endowed, brunette dancer, Vixxen was challenging Rianna as she had her eyes on the owner and refused to show any respect for Rianna's current #1 status. The showdown took place after hours in only sexy lingerie and stripper platform shoes. The blonde and brunette rivals were alone for this Queen Bee catfight except for one spectator: the owner they both were claiming as their own. Both women were strong and tough, especially their legs, from years of dancing and using the pole Each had been in many catfights overs the year and they glared daggers at one another as they circled, calling each other every foul name they could think of. And then both charged each other at the same time. Hair pulling, biting, clawing, choking, and a victory celebration at the losers expense in this exotic dancer lingerie catfight. in Super High-Rez (2000 X 3008)!

  • Size: 36 MB
  • Format: zip
  • Category: CAT FIGHTING
  • $ Buy Now
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We Found 1 Images below With "Stripper" In This Studio